Hello! I am Laura Hicks. I'm the one who's about to make you look amazing for your senior pictures. I have been photographing high school seniors for the last 15 years. I absolutely love senior pictures because it's the only photo session that's 100% all about you! These images represent who you are, what you love, and how you see yourself. 

My work has been featured across the world, online and in print. I am a member of the Olympus Visionary Program, a group of 12 hand-selected professional photographers who use and promote Olympus brand cameras and gear. I was also the official photographer for the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition show taped in West Chester, Ohio. I was recently a featured photographer in Professional Photographer magazine that included a 5 page spread about creating relationships with teen clients. How cool is that?

But no matter how many accolades I have received, my main goal is to be a senior portrait artist who absolutely adores her clients and loves creating fantastic images for them. Your senior pictures are so important to be that I guarantee you will love them! My goal is to create the more swoon-worthy pictures you have ever seen of yourself. I promise you will walk into my studio with a handshake and walk out with a hug.


Welcome to my studio! It's located in the heart of historic Sharonville, Ohio. It's located on the fisrt floor of the 12 Mile House which sits on the corner of Reading Road and Sharon Road.

I can't wait for you to come in and get your pictures taken. But before doing that we are going to pamper you a bit. The week before your photo session, you are invited in for a styling session. At the styling session we get to know you. We talk about your hair, your make-up (for the ladies), and your clothing choices. Want to book one of our stylists to do your hair and makeup for your photo session? No problem! We've got you covered. We even offer up our dressing room full of formal dresses for you to use during your session. Imagine getting to wear an awesome formal dress without having to buy it. Getting senior pictures done at Laura Hicks Photography is kinda like being Cinderella for the day!

Your photo session is where the magic happens. It's where everything comes together--hair, make-up, clothing, and style--we complete your look by having an indoor/outdoor studio space that's fun and private. Like the look of a park? No problem. We have sessions that will quinch your thirst for the outdoors. Want a location that you pick? No problem! Just ask us for a custom photo session and you've got one-of-a-kind senior pictures that are completey unique!   

Laura Hicks is a Cincinnati senior photographer. Laura is a member of the Olympus Visionary Program. This program includes accomplished, award winning photographers who use Olympus cameras and gear to capture their photographic visions. Only 12 photographers across North America were chosen for this program. Laura is both honored and proud to have the title of Olympus Trailblazer.

Throughout her career, she has had the privilege of photographing hundreds of weddings and thousands of portrait sessions, and of being the official photographer for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition filmed in West Chester, Ohio.

Contact us:

Laura Hicks Photography

11006 Reading Rd

Sharonville, Ohio 45241